The Magic Of Unity Is Needed To Save The Christians Of India
Now, it is time to deliberate about the next plan of action for the minorities of India, including the Christianity, after the alleged involvement of Sadhvi Pragya Devi Thakur in Malegaon (Maharashtra) blasts and some loud claimants of nationalism and patriotism like Shiv Sena, Vishwa Hindu Parishad & Bhartiya Janta Party's open support to her and their protests only to pressurise the judicial system of India. Anti-Christian violence in Orissa, Karntaka and other states has tarnished the image of India throughout the world. If the majority of India has blemished over India, we, the minorities, especially the Christians should own the responsibility of improving the image of our beloved country. The Christianity came to India even before Europe, America & other western countries (in 52 A.D.) through Saint Thomas, one of the 12 apostles of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We can smell the Christianity now in our sacred soil and culture of our mother-land. It is but natural, that the Christians are not lagging behind even in patriotism. That is why, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that the Christianity is a part of our National Heritage. It is quite certain that if a Christian is blamed for any ABC case like the Sadhvi, no Christian Organization 'll support him/her until he/she is acquitted by the respective honourable court. Now, it is upto the people to decide that who is right and who is wrong? To whom should the power be conferred? The Christians of India have shown remarkable tolerance level, they protested through peace marches only against the violent attacks upon the Christians of Orissa. But will these peace protests be sufficient enough for our better future, never. We must organise ourselves upon a single platform only to be powerful. The Christianity 'll never flourish only by creating new Christian Missions, our dreams 'll fulfill only by the magic of unity. Today, we feel happy through the prayer in a 'separate' church and have bad feelings about our fellow Christian's Church & its prayer. We now speak and think over unity only when outer forces attack the Christianity. For how long shall we tolerate such attacks? But these forces 'll certainly never attack again us if we'll have the magic wand of unity. Unity is the only solution to all the problems of the Christians of India. The Christian unity, long-live!! long-live!!
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Christian Leaders Of India Should Wake-Up Now!
The whole Christian community of the world is now going through a crisis. The atrocities upon the Christian congregations have now become ultra-common in China, Pakistan and some countries of Middle-East. So, the Christian community has to proceed only on the track of unity. Though, a view of unity among the Christians is prevailing in the whole universe, yet it is limited only for some particular occasions. The members of all the Christian Missions do take part in the united processions on the occasions of Easter or Christmas, but on the other days, they never talk about unity among Christians. Recently, all the educational institutions of Roman Catholics remained closed for a full day to protest against the Orissa killings but some other Christian Missions didn't try to show their strength or unity. We should topple such type of views from our minds. If we don't stand united today, we 'll easily fall prey to the fundamentalists or anti-social elements. The Orissa like massacre can be happened anytime & anywhere, such mishappenings can only be avoided till we are one in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We must guide our youth. They need authentic directions. At present, the Christian youth in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and other vicinities don't concentrate upon their educations or studies, our daughters do study but a class of our youth has entered on the wrong path. Our Christian leaders should urgently take care of them. We should positively give up raising slogans in favour of other political parties and must establish such a distinctive Christian Party that may practically think or work in a very much organized way & may proceed independently of all the Christian Missions/Organizations and provide a POLITICAL POWER to the Christians of India. The Christian Party should go to the polls with its own election-symbol. You may follow those so-called big parties, but those will never want Christians to go forward. They always forget you after the polls are over and 'll repeat the same every time. You should not waste your precious time in the dirty politics of other parties. If you wake up today, only then your next generation 'll be able to utilise your hardwork for the Christian community. My Christian brethern ! every community needs political power also alongwith prayers for its upliftment. If you don't understand the reality today, one day you certainly 'll have to realise the above-mentioned facts. Would that it were a reality soon ! In the name of the Holy Jesus ! Amen !!!
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