Canadian Hindu Foundation to Hold Food Drive in front of Vancouver Shelter Homes


Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) :

The weekly meeting of Canadian Hindu Foundation was held the day before yesterday i.e. on Dec 2, 2016.The respected founding members attended the meeting with lot of enthusiasm, all were vibrating with many new ideas.

Mr. Rajiv Soni one of the Directors suggested to hold Food Drive on December 18, 2016 in front of shelter homes in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. The resolution was unanimously passed by all the members with providing the whole hearted support.

Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma (one of the founding members) suggested the ways and means to establish Canadian Hindu Foundation on strong footings in Canada. The need to adopt Vedic values in our daily life was also stressed and the importance of transferring those values to coming generations was the other highlights of the meeting.

Dr. Avnish Jolly (Winnipeg, Manitoba) was also apprised about the progress of the Canadian Hindu Foundation.

The people of Canada, loving Vedic values are advised to join Canadian Hindu Foundation as a member and requested to support our membership drive.